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Introduction. Profile. The Nigel Mason Collection.

Nigel Mason.

History & Background.

From an early age, Nigel taught himself to paint and pursued art as a hobby until he decided to undertake a degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University when he was 38. He then went on to have a successful career teaching art at the North Devon College in Barnstaple.

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Ideas & Inspirations.

Nigel paints a variety of landscapes, beach scenes, and figurative works inspired by his local area. He describes his artistic influences as Rembrandt, Sickert, Vuillard, Degas, Whistler.

Nigel said: “My work depict moments in time. Incidents, usually, between people that speak of human behaviour and relationships. They are staged in a mythical past time that evoke memory, nostalgia and an idealised existence.”

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