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Introduction. Profile. The Terry Wogan Collection.

Terry Wogan.

History & Background.

Sir Terry Wogan
B. 1938, Limerick, Ireland

Often referred to as a ‘national treasure’, Sir Michael Terence (Terry) Wogan has been a leading media personality in the UK since the late 1960s.

Terry's extensive television credits include his live chat show series ‘Wogan’ which he presented for seven years on BBC1, the Eurovision Song Contest, the National Lottery Live and Children in Need. In April 1972 he took over the breakfast show on BBC Radio 2, amassing an audience of up to 7.6 million.

In 1997, Her Majesty the Queen honoured him with an OBE, followed by an honorary knighthood in the 2005 birthday honours.

BBC Radio 2’s ‘Wake Up To Wogan’ was the most listened to programme on British radio. Regular listeners to the show were often referred to collectively as TOGs (Terry's Old Geezers / Gals). The TOGs identified stereotypical traits of the elderly, such as absent-mindedness, cynicism and befuddlement at modern society's habits. Wogan, as the archetypal TOG, was sometimes referred to as the "TOGmeister".

Younger listeners were sometimes called "TYGs" (Terry's Young Geezers/Gals); a frequent joke being that many TYGs were children forced to listen to Wogan’s radio show in the car while being driven to school. Often, younger listeners getting in touch with the show were jokingly told to "get lost".

In an exciting collaboration between celebrated newspaper cartoonist Mac (aka Stanley McMurtry MBE), Sir Terry Wogan’s famous TOG’s have been brought to life in an series of witty cartoons which perfectly capture the satirical essence of Terry’s Old Geezers or Gals.

“I hope the words in this collection bring back as many happy memories for you as they do for me”

Terry Wogan

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